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P5 Change Your Mind | by Cam Switzer
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P5 Change Your Mind

Whenever I meditate using "P5", or "Change Your Mind", I envision myself at the river, in a boat, floating from right to left.


In the boat are the problems that I perceive as problems. As the boat floats by, I take time looking "up the sleeve" to find out what the real source of my perceived problems are (they are never what we say they are, or originally think they are).


Once I identify the source of the problem for me, I create a new image with a positive outcome so the problem no longer looks like a problem in my mind.


Once that is done, the chemistry of the body responds by emitting chemical responses to my thoughts and emotions known as peptides which flow through my body and rewire my neural net.


In so doing, if I repeat this several times, I am able to rewire my neural net so that what I once perceived as a problem is no longer seen as a problem to me.


And once that is achieved, the negative payoff outcome that is usually associated with problems fades away, just as the boat laden with non-problems continues to flow past me along the river and into the distance.


I have changed my mind.

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Taken on April 23, 2009