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Corelle® Livingware™ 24-piece Set (eBay pic) | by goblinbox_(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento)
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Corelle® Livingware™ 24-piece Set (eBay pic)

...featuring the classic Old Town Blue (aka "Blue Onion") pattern.


I'm heartily tired of our pure black stoneware dishes and mugs. They're huge, they're heavy, they overheat in the microwave, they're black, and several pieces are chipped.


(Plus I already had to live with all-black stoneware dishes before, and those sucked, too. They seem chic at first, but nobody can eat a sunny, cheery brunch off of black tableware without feeling a wee bit nihilistic.)


I've been waffling between getting a set of new Corelle dinnerware, and just buying a used set. The new sets come with clunky stoneware mugs, though, and I really wanted the old cups and saucers (because saucers are remarkably handy), so i bought this original set off of eBay. Plus I'm upcycling.


This is the cheapest, most complete set I could find, and it is comprised of:


- 4 Dinner Platters 10-1/4"

- 4 Salad Plates 8-1/2"

- 4 Cereal Bowls 6-1/4"

- 4 Dessert Bowls 5-3/4"

- 4 Saucers 6-1/4"

- 4 Hook-handle Cups


Dinner and salad plates! Two sizes of bowls! Cups and saucers! Used, of course, but allegedly in very good condition. Should arrive Monday. Very excited!


Did I need dishes? Technically, no. There's plenty of stuff to eat off of, and we don't have any friends so it's unlikely I'll be throwing a dinner party, like, ever. (Plus we don't even have a dining table!) But I love old Corelle, and I wanted non-black dishes. So here we are.


Best part: Corelle still sells some Old Town Blue replacement pieces! (The "True Blue" pattern is the newer reboot, and I believe it's a slightly brighter shade of blue.) I want the serving platter and the quart-sized serving bowl, of course. And the 28-ounce bowls. And maybe a couple of those 15-ounce flat-bottomed bowls, too.



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Taken on July 28, 2016