Canoeing & Painting in the Wild Aug. 15-18, 2013
The Canoeing and Painting in the Wild trip attracted an enthusiastic group of Saskatchewan artists for its debut run in northern Saskatchewan’s Lac La Ronge Provincial Park. The rugged beauty of the Canadian Shield and a canoeing adventure were the drawing cards for this exciting new program, outfitted and led by CanoeSki’s owner/guide Cliff Speer and assistant Lori Mack. The appeal of art and adventure has drawn Canadian artists into the wilderness for ages. Our group was simply following a well-trodden path!

The 4-day trip began with a canoeing excursion to base camp on a secluded lake in the provincial park. The adventure component escalated dramatically when our group was confined to the final portage by an extremely violent thunderstorm. The powerful winds began blowing trees down onto the portage trail, one of which grazed Lori’s head and struck her arm as it crashed to the ground! Fortunately, no serious injuries occurred, but it was more adventure than we had bargained for! Storm over, we paddled a calm lake to the camp. The remaining 3 days were “picture perfect” – calm, sunny and warm, a veritable canoeists’ and painters’ paradise. Discover how idyllic it turned out to be and some of the artwork it inspired in the slides that follow!
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