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JAPANESE PACK-HORSE REFUSES TO BUDGE -- Ruins a Perfectly Good Shot of Mt. Fuji | by Okinawa Soba (Rob)
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JAPANESE PACK-HORSE REFUSES TO BUDGE -- Ruins a Perfectly Good Shot of Mt. Fuji

The following words are from the imaginary diary of my imaginary great great great Grandfather, a budding photographer who thought he knew what would make a great photo :


"Dear Diary.......I went to take a picture of Mt. Fuji, today. However, a horse got in the way, and ruined my shot.


I had a clear view of the Mountain and was ready to trip the shutter when this guy and his animal walked right into the frame. What a waste of a good negative. Totally ruined. Now, nobody will find this photo interesting, or even want to look at it. You can barely see the mountain.


I had some difficulty setting up my camera to avoid a nearby Cherry Tree and it's blossoms from entering the frame, as well as a crooked Pine Tree off to the other side, whose long, gnarled limbs might have intruded into the photo and blocking out the interesting sky.


As it was, the horse also blocked some very nice clouds, which were right where I wanted them.


Thank God the low-class woman who was following the horse stayed out of the picture. The huge pile of straw on her back looked quite awkward, and the fact that she was going top-less, and her breasts were clearly showing, would have been totally distracting.


Well, I will come back here tomorrow, and try to get a better shot of the Mountain with no bothersome intrusions in the foreground. I hope I can finally get a clear, unobstructed photograph of Mt. Fuji that people will find picturesque and interesting, and would like to look at a hundred years from now........"


* * * * * *


Large, un-colored albumen print. Photo attributed to SEIBEI KAJIMA, Ca.1880s.

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Taken on October 27, 2007