PDR Challenge 2: Lycian Punk Party Dress
Challenge 2 was a take on Steam Punk only with any time period. I was a little unsure of how to approach this because steam punk has a storyline and isn't just modern clothes with Victorian influences. From the challenge description, however, it sounded like the goal was to make a modern outfit with historical roots. I chose to go with Lycia, because I was inspired by a statue from Lycia (part of modern day Turkey) during the Roman period. The statue is of a young girl with a dove, about halfway down the page. I chose to recreate the underdress she's wearing with modern fabrics and modern touches. Rather than layer with two separate garments, I chose to triple layer with one. This was challenging because I had to figure out how the original piece was constructed from examining a statue and then determine what parts of that construction to change for my modern garment. Maria, being a doppleganger for my husband's sister (my husband's family has a lot of Greek in them) was the perfect choice in terms of looking the part, though the coloring of this garment might best suit Kailey.

I could have deviated more from the original inspiration, but I chose not to because the dress is modern and I'd love to see more garments like it.
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