PDR Challenge 1: Lanie's Earth Day Outfit
The challenge is to create a new outfit for an existing American Girl of the Year. I chose to make Lanie an updated and preppier version of the 1996 Earth Day outfit (she's unfortunately too preppy for the original tye-dye masterpiece). I put in a lot of detailing and went with a skirt rather than shorts, because I can't imagine her in overall shorts. Of course it's got the signature Laney Dragonfly. The detail work on the sleeves was inspired by the detailing on the Butterfly Outfit jacket (different detailing, but Lanie obviously goes for that). The colors are more muted than a lot of her collection, but are close to the garden outfit (the colors were partially determined by the fact that I tried to use the thinnest part of the jeans- the fabric you see was actually originally on the insides because it was less faded). This is Lanie's Earth Day Outfit.
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