Stokemonkey Install
This is a bear of a project. I thought it was going to go much smoother than it has.
Parts shipped from Vancouver to Boston. After receiving the kit and getting halfway through the install, I noticed I didn't order an easily accessible kill switch. If I'd noticed this at the time of my initial order, it would have been but a $5 upgrade. Instead, it cost nearly $40 and took a week to ship.
After mounting and wiring up the controller, I discovered the power line from the controller to the battery wasn't long enough. Ugh. Ran to Auto Zone and bought some 14 gauge wire and Butt connectors to lengthen the power line by a foot.
Re-installed and re-wired the controller.
Turned the key and the CA lit up; Yes! Started pedaling and turned the throttle. Nothing. Ugh. Checked the connections. I don't see any obvious issues...
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