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Figma Lily Saber (1.0 and 2.0)


I've always liked Figma over Figuarts. Though from a quality perspective they're pretty close, it usually comes down to the licenses. One such license is the Fate Series, which is an anime adapted from an eroge (erotic game) which pits various spirits called servants, which are based off of historically important beings, into battle for each other.


I've only watched the first series, Fate/Stay Night, but it did leave a lasting impact on me as it was quite well adapted and introduced many interesting characters. One of these characters is the sword wielding Servant (aka Saber class) Artoria Pendragon, aka. King Arthur of Camelot.. but, you know, turned into a female.


For a while there (and to a certain degree even now), whenever you mentioned the name Saber in relation to the Fate series, most people turn to the though of this particular version.. effectively making her into the mascot for the series.


As she was quite popular, she spawn two addition versions, as it were - an Alter or "dark" version, which made an appearance in the game if you took the bad route, as it were, and Lily Saber, which I honestly have no idea, but I believe is sort of a prequel version to the more traditional version, as she is still somewhat kawaii and all that. Lily Saber was introduced in the Fates/Unlimited Codes fighting game.


Lily Saber is the focus of this particular discussion.


Having stated she was an original creation of the Fates/Unlimited Codes fighting game, the only way originally to get the Figma of this character was to buy the special edition of the game. Naturally, this lead to her being pretty expensive. There were Figma of Lily Saber not in her armoured dress, but I have no idea how hard they were to get.


Of course, things change, and a new armoured Lily Saber Figma ended up a general release figure as part of the Fates/Grand Order mobile game lineup.


There was about a decade of time between the original release and this newest one - surely it wasn't just a repackage, right?


Well, I'm happy to say that no, that is not the case.


Somewhere along the line of releasing 350+ figures, the Figma system got upgraded. They weren't bad to start with, but the new 2.0 bodies were generally bigger, had better designed bodies and limbs to allow for greater freedom of movement, and got rid of one of the most annoying things of the 1.0 bodies, the stupid needle thin plastic posts used to attach hands to the bodies.. I say stupid because I broke mine.


So with that out of the way, lets look at Lily Saber 1.0 & 2.0.


Both releases have their strengths. The 1.0 release only came with two expressions, but had an extra hair effect piece for that windswept look, an extra piece to convert the standard Figma stand into one with a grip rather than a peg, and one extra set of hands for a tilted hand grip. Furthermore, the paint on the armour pieces are a metallic silver versus a flatter pearl grey.


The 2.0 release, as mentioned, is a larger figure. It doesn't come with a windswept hair effect, but it does have a posable ponytail. This release comes with three expressions (with a bonus 4th one if you had preordered through the GSC store). Due to the nature of the wrist pegs, the tilted wrist fists are no longer needed and not included with this package. Furthermore, it's not your eyes, but rather, yes the colours seem to be brighter and more vibrant on the 2.0 release. Her face is different and more "formed", but I'm not sure if that was an artistic thing, or a source material thing.


Both only come with her entry level weapon, Caliburn, even though every PVC statue I've seen of her comes with Avalon, her second more powerful sword. Both figures feature the white lace stockings and undergarments.


I think what you'll find as the biggest difference between the two figures (and the dealbreaker/game changer) is that the 2.0 doesn't just have greater movement for the limbs (and hair), but it also has a much more articulated skirt. This allows for a greater variety of display options, presuming you're willing to take the time move the various panels into position.


So overall, while they both look nice, I think if you're going to add one Lily Saber to your collection you're probably better off just going straight to the 2.0 release. It's bigger, has more display options, and is more durable. But as I said before, 1.0 is no slouch either.

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Uploaded on June 4, 2018