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I revisited the Powerline Trail Sept, 2009. This trip I wanted to do the trail end-to-end. Both ends have merit and I will do the ends again but never end-to-end. The Powerline Trail from either end starts as an old utility road. After about 2 miles in the Powerline Trail is just that, a trail. The middle 3 miles however is a hog trail with tall 6’ grass and is wet. It’s hard to see where you are walking and you are going to get muddy. I just didn’t find that much to see or have fun moving through the grass. Thank goodness that Kauai has no snakes. This is the first trail that I would rate FORGET IT. There are too many other nice trails on Kauai. I would recommend either the Powerline South, or Powerline North ends that I have reviewed before. Both are a great trip.
Here is the trail in Google Earth with elevation changes.

Date:Sep 19, 2009 9:40 am
Distance:10.6 miles
Min Altitude:757 ft
Max Altitude:2,278 ft
Start Time:2009-09-19T19:40:31Z
Start Location:
Latitude:22º 04' 25" N
Longitude:159º 25' 13" W
End Time:2009-09-20T00:51:02Z
End Location:
Latitude:22º 11' 01" N
Longitude:159º 27' 25" W
Zoom the Map out or see the Trail in Google Earth.
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