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Tips to Improve EAT Quality of Ecommerce Websites | by amandalewis6749
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Tips to Improve EAT Quality of Ecommerce Websites

With an update in the Quality Raters Guidelines, Google made it clear about its intention to give weightage to #E-A-T (#Expertise, #Authority and #Trust).


This major development has occurred for the purpose of emphasizing the importance of authority of the page author along with the authority of web pages and websites.


The main purpose of improving EAT of an ecommerce website is to improve content and other on-page factors in order to make it compatible to Google’s requirements.


Since Ecommerce pages are going to be added in the category of YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) pages, the information shared on these pages need to be highly accurate and trustworthy.


What do the guidelines say?

Google’s Search Quality Rater Guidelines basically give raters the advice to make sure that they consider expertise, authority and trust as core elements while rating any content from the perspective of its quality.


Now the EAT considerations for the pages related to ecommerce is quite different as compared to that related to long-form content and #blog #articles.


It is not just about the text on the page of an ecommerce website. All of the other elements should have value for the readers.


Having that said, a brief discussion about Expertise, authority and trust individually can be quite beneficial.


What is expertise?

There are a few factors which describe expertise of an #ecommerce page. Those factors include:


•Reputation and expertise of the manufacturer

•Reputation and expertise of the brand from the perspective of products that the brand is offering


Other factors such as recommendations by experts, news articles, and other credible information can also come into play when it comes to the discussion about expertise.


What is authority?

If you are manufacturer of any product and you want to your ecommerce websites to explain the product with the help of elaborative #content, the best way is that you write the content if you have enough information and you know how to write the content.


In other words, the authority of any content refers to that fact that it is written by the manufacturer or an industry expert.


While it may seem to pose a challenge for the smaller brands because they rarely find a way to reach out to the industry experts, they still can write about their very own products. The explanation they can provide about their products is going to be much better than the one provided by someone else who doesn’t have much of the specific knowledge about the product.


What is Trust?

Trust is all about the way a company can respond to the specific needs of the customers. It mainly includes the shipping facility, customer support, product guarantees, return policy, additional costs and taxes. Moreover, there needs to be a robust way to provide potential customers all of the information they may require.


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Uploaded on October 25, 2018