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Simple Wall Decor Tips for Your New Home | by linwoodpenn
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Simple Wall Decor Tips for Your New Home

If you’re like us, you can never have enough fresh and new home decorating ideas. This is especially true when you’ve just moved into a new space and are looking for exciting ways to breathe some life into your brand-new living #environment. So we decided to offer up some tips on wall decorating. So, as you slowly remove your things, new and old, from those shipping boxes, keep these useful ideas in mind. Chances are, if you’ve got a lot of blank new wall space available, you’re almost certain to find at least one of these decorating tips useful and fun!


Personalize your project with your own distinctive handwriting. A favorite song lyric or quote is just the thing to introduce some character.


Quickly brighten up any large section of blank wall with a big beautiful #tapestry.


Make use of the color swatches at your local hardware store to create an interesting collage.


With some wood, string, and pins, you can make unique images that are all your own.


Scour your local flea markets for vintage copper numbers and letters for that nice retro look.


Your favorite prints and cardstock are great material for framing to create an ad hoc wall gallery.


Quilted art can still be new and exciting. It’s all in how you present it.


Self-adhesive foam sheets and a circle punch make an easy way to enliven any patch of wall in minutes!


With a few dozen simple wooden blocks, you can create a modern, yet rustic mosaic that will suit any space.


Put your favorite jewelry on display with some distressed wooden, and wall mounted shipping boxes.


Using nail polish, you can create a marble effect for your favorite photos for this stunning noir effect.


Dried fruit can make wonderful stamp material. Elsie chose clementines for hers.


A simple silver leaf relief of moon phases looks great anywhere and is simple to make.


After taking a simple weaving tutorial, you’ll be able to make adorable little decorations like this.


Learn to create personalized art at #artHow, and make your own pet designs to celebrate your four-legged pal.


Use your favourite #Instagram images to make a custom gallery in any shape you choose.


There’s always room for framed art photos. You can assemble your own high-class gallery like this!


Let everyone know how seriously you take your morning joe by putting up some coffee house themed prints.

Easily embellish any wall with pom poms. It’s much better than trying to store them.


You can add some character with white chalkboard paint to create decorative menus or a favorite quote.


With a bit of DIY transparency pop art, you can make some simple shapes and images really stand out.


Add the feel of a literary touch with typographic art. It’s a great way to lend an intellectual feeling to any space.


It’s hard to go wrong with #geometric shapes. Embellish your large, bland headboard panels or any empty bit of wall with some attractive patterns.


Don’t underestimate the ability of artificial flowers to create an attractive 3D floral collage.

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Uploaded on May 12, 2018