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Heron fly-by | by LHG Creative Photography
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Heron fly-by

Just when the heron you wanted to get a shot of does a fly-by, all the sunlight in the world disappears. I swear this guy is teasing me. This more detailed, sharper and in nicer light would have rocked. The light over south lake isnt usually the best anyway, if it was i'd have got a kingfisher flight shot by now, but when it clouds over.........Gaaaah!!!


Tonemapped it but the ISO was too high for it really. Just did the best I could with what I've got.


Sooner or later Mr Heron, I shall have you, oh yes! You will be crispy, you will be in nice light, there will be a nice depth of field, and colour, you have no choice, I shall wait until I go grey. Even if I have to wait for you to die of old age, have you stuffed and mounted on a string, and waved from a jcb, even if I have to hire a helicopter to chase you down, I will get that shot! Actually thats a lie, I have money for precisely none of that, short of a lottery win anyway. I shall practise being more invisible and waiting longer.


I am not the longhairedgit , I am really Metal Gear Solid's "Solid Snake". lol. Just got to put my sneaking suit on.


Seriously I was looking at my files moaning to myself "Why can't I ever get a nice heron shot? God hates me, thats what it is... ", and one literally flew past my window at dawn within 15 feet! I was just open mouthed and stunned, the camera was downstairs on charge. Never seen a heron anywhere near my house since I moved in, and one turns up on the very day I'd tried practically all day to get a decent shot of one. Then the following day as dusk came down my GF spotted it flying back in the other direction, the camera was on charge again, in the grab for it I threw coffee and doritos across the room, flung the ashtray off a table, and tripped over the cat and carpet burnt my chin and ended up just staring at the camera at point blank range. My ninja skills are not improving.


Needless to say, I missed it. So the next dawn I opened the window and waited...... nothing.




I shall take it as a personal challenge! Your mine sucka!


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Taken on June 13, 2010