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Link between Hormones and Oral Health of Women | by erasmodougherty
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Link between Hormones and Oral Health of Women

Most of the #women around the world go through the #hormonal change usually at the age of 12. This hormonal change has huge impact on health. What most of us tend to misunderstand is that hormonal change can have huge impact on the oral health as well. And since good oral health is integral for good overall health, it is pretty much important to ensure better health of your oral cavity especially when you are going through a hormonal change.


Oral health and hormones

Hormones primarily affect the #blood circulating in the body. And since this blood is supplied to the body organs and systems, it is pretty easier to assume that your gums are going to be affected by this change because gums consist of soft tissues. Research suggests that 38% of American women suffer from gingivitis like condition due to change in hormonal system. Apart from the effects on gums, the way your body responds to the toxins is also going to be changed. Gums basically have estrogen receptors which get affected due to hormonal change in the body. This may be the main reason for the occurrence of gingivitis-like conditions.


The fluctuation in hormonal systems in the women

Generally, there are a few stages of hormonal change in women. During these times, the hormonal systems fluctuate. These changes are worth mentioning here.


•With puberty occurring in the body, large amounts of #progesterone and estrogen are released in the body. The release of these hormones leads to the irritation in gums. This irritation can cause gingivitis. Sticking with good oral care practices is the only way you can prevent or get rid of this condition.

•Another hormonal change in the women happens every month with menstruation. This condition can lead to gingivitis but it is the temporary #infection. Along with gingivitis, other things that can happen may include sores. Although the condition can be temporary, you have to make sure that you are taking care of your oral health during this period because even the temporary vulnerability can lead to permanent damage.

•When you go for the birth control, you have to use progesterone which can trigger hormonal change in the body. This is the reason that you should always mention the birth control medication you use while visiting the dentist.

•Pregnancy is the major stage in every woman’s life. Since your body is adjusted to support another life, it goes through a number of changes; and all of these changes are triggered by release of different hormones. These are the very hormones which can make your gum health vulnerable, leading you to get #gingivitis developed. Proper oral health care is the only way you can prevent dental health conditions.


Combating oral health problems due to hormonal changes

You will have to make sure that you are taking care of your oral cavity in the most ideal manner. Regular brushing and flossing are very important. Moreover, you will have to make sure that you are not missing any of the visits to dentist.

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Uploaded on October 30, 2018