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The Short But Nifty Guide on How To Wrap Gifts in The Simplest Way | by vincenzoralph
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The Short But Nifty Guide on How To Wrap Gifts in The Simplest Way

The beautiful thing about the modern and internet-intensive world we live in today is the fact that we can all get the ideas we need for our many projects. Whether it’s craft, making your own shipping boxes or remodeling a house, or whether it’s learning how to play the guitar, everything can already be learned through online tutorials. If you're feeling crafty and you want to learn how to #wrap #gifts in the most minimal way possible, then you might like to read this article below. It will offer you a guide on what you should and should not do when wrapping a gift, and more. Let’s get it on!


The Basics

The tutorials you read online may be trying to tell you that they’re the experts in gift wrapping. While some of those people may be sincere, you might want to prepare yourself by expecting less. Take all the ideas you read online with a grain of salt, so you don’t end up frustrated when it turns out that the #gift-wrapping suggestion doesn’t turn out well. With all these information, it’s not that hard to see how we can get the right gift-wrapping ideas that fit your occasion.


Graphic Effect

The first tip we can share here is on how to give your gift a graphic design that packs a punch when it gets to its recipient. Using the right graphic art can truly make an aesthetic difference, and to do that you should see what the favorite #design, color, graphic symbol or logo of the person you’re gifting. Once you get the design, you may be able to buy the logo from your nearest stationery, shipping boxes or craft store. It’s hard to imagine that the design the recipient wants won’t be on Amazon, and this means it’s now easier for you to find the material.


Download Embellishment Blueprint

As we said, the online world is a repository of beautiful ideas. All you need to do is go to sites that offer free downloadable templates for you to print. Once you have these designs, you can easily print these on quality paper, and you now have a special wrapping paper! It could also help if you make all the decors, color, style and decals to be well-coordinated and has a cohesive theme to give the gift wrapping an extra kick.


Buy In Bulk

Never underestimate the power of buying in bulk! You may be able to save a lot of months after Christmas and Valentine’s by buying the gift-wrapping materials on those dates because there’s no longer that much of a demand. The lesser the demand, the more affordable the materials would be. So make sure you’re eyeing now some ribbons, spools of threads and yarns on your favorite #craft store, so by the time you’re about to wrap a gift, you’re all set.


Burlap Trick

If you want a homier and vintage look and feel on your gifts, then why not put the gift in a burlap bag? It looks chic and cozy, and yet it’s still as stylish as wrapping the gift in traditional paper. You may even be able to encourage the recipient to be more eco-friendly by recycling the burlap bag after he opens it!


Stock on Washi Tape

Another good trick in gift-wrapping is to use washi tapes as your scotch tape. You not only keep all the wrapping together, but you also give it an added style from the washi tape’s printed #design.



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Uploaded on April 8, 2018