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Don't let the wrong Shipping Supplies Damage your Reputation | by octavioiverson
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Don't let the wrong Shipping Supplies Damage your Reputation

Shipping a #product to your customer will be the biggest area that can lead to bad customer service. The reason is that there is nothing worse than you send your product out to a customer and when it arrives at their home or office it is damaged. While the shipping company that delivered it will be the one that damaged it, your company will be the one that pays the price. Your reputation will be what suffers as the customer will blame you for the damaged product. This can be avoided simply by making sure that you are using the right packing supplies when sending out to a customer. Packing peanuts will do a little to help reduce the damage to a product, but the right shipping supplies can be the difference between a product arriving undamaged and you have a customer service nightmare.


Another reason for ensuring that your products are packed with the best #packing supplies suited for your products is the amount of money that you will wind up spending in the long run. If you are having to take and replace a lot of products or give an exceptionally large amount of returns, then you will see that you are wasting money. It is a natural thing to see that more delicate of a product you are shipping than the better that the packing on the inside needs to be. This way many people will tell you that not all packing supplies are created equal. One mistake that many people will make is that they think about their packing supplies in regards to what goes inside of the box. The truth is that it is what’s on the outside that counts just as much. This will be the biggest reason that you will want to make sure that the box you use will be of stronger materials than what you are currently using at the time.


If you decide to reuse boxes for more than one #shipment, then you will want to make sure that you take extra care and ensure that the box is holding up to the repeated use. If the box begins to show signs of wear, then you need to make sure that you replace the box and if you insist on using these shipping supplies that you enforce the inside with ample packing to counter any damage that may occur during the shipping process.


There is another aspect to this and that is the fact that you need to make sure that you are accommodating for there being excess room in the box. Having filler that will take up the extra space will ensure that you will not have a product that arrives in damaged condition. The other aspect is that of selecting the right packing for the job. Unless you use a ton of packing peanuts, you still will run the risk that your product will find space that it can move around in and wind up being damaged.


All of these tips will go a long way in helping you to pack better and to avoid what is the downfall of many companies and that is poor shipping materials. Your business will notice a massive difference in the amount of money you save on having to replace damaged products.


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Uploaded on September 22, 2018