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...are a girl’s best friend | by peterclifford1
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...are a girl’s best friend

Asscher cut diamond - aka compressed carbon, aka “a rock”- alternate for the Macro Mondays “rock” theme. The diamond ring is sitting upon on a knife handle of either bone or mammoth ivory (I’m not sure of the material). Photographed with Fujinon 60mm macro lens plus MCEX-16 and MCEX-11 extension tubes, natural light with reflector.


There does appear to be some cloudiness in the diamond in this image, which is not present in real life. I’m not sure why, as the ring was cleaned in an ultrasonic bath prior to the shoot. Perhaps a reflection from the underlying handle?


“Although it was first introduced in 1902, the Asscher cut did not become popular until the 1920s. It was created by the Asscher Brothers of Holland’s Asscher Diamond Company (now the Royal Asscher Diamond Company), who, at the time, were famous for cutting a 3,106 carat rough diamond. For decades after the Great Depression, Asscher cuts were primarily found in vintage jewelry stores, but the shape surged in popularity again during the early 2000s.


Asscher cuts look similar to emerald cuts with the most obvious difference being that they are square, as opposed to rectangular. This cut features large step facets and a high crown that produces a brilliance unlike any other diamond shape. In fact, diamond experts often refer to the shine and sparkle of an Asscher cut diamond as an endless hallway with reflective mirrors.”



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Taken on September 9, 2018