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Important Things to Know About Root Canal | by eusebiobrockman
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Important Things to Know About Root Canal

When you hear the word ‘#root_canal ’, you get a feeling of fear because it is typically associated with the pain. But the matter of fact is that most of the common people do not have any idea what a root canal is. They just think that it is a painful dental procedure. The reality is that root canal is not painful. Instead, it is the process which tends to relieve the pain by removing the infection that causes pain.


Here, it would be worth mentioning what root canal is and why a person may need it. Moreover, you will also need to know what you can expect from the process.


What is the root canal?

In simple words, a root canal #treatment mainly aims at cleaning of the innermost portion of the tooth. The requirement of this cleaning can arise when the tooth pulp, the combination of nerves and vessels, gets infected due to any reason. Some of the reasons why you may need a root canal treatment may include a tooth abscess, severe tooth decay, dental trauma, and cracked tooth or filling.


Most of the times, your dentist will see the signs and tell you that you are going to require root canal treatment to get rid of the issues you have with the tooth. The signs may include extreme dental pain, hypersensitivity in the tooth, swelling and soreness, and discoloration of the tooth. You need to call your dentist immediately if you notice any of these signs.


Steps involved in root canal treatment

•It starts with the dental x-rays test. This test helps in determining the level of decay or damage to the tooth.

•On the dentist’s chair, you will be given local #anesthesia which is going to make the process painless for you.

•In order to keep the tooth dry, rubber sheeting will be placed around the tooth. This rubber guard will keep saliva away from the tooth to be operated.

•An opening will be made through the chewing surface of the tooth. This opening allows the dentist to clean the inner portion of the tooth. Cleaning mainly involves removal of the infected portion of pulp.

•After the tooth is cleaned, a filling material is filled inside the empty space. This material is known as gutta-percha. This filling is important because it helps in prevention of infection from reoccurring.

•After filling is done, the tooth enamel is repaired through resin filling or a crown is fixed.


A typical root canal #procedure is completed in 2 dental visits. During the first dental visit, the infection is treated. Second visit is associated with fixing of the crown.


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Uploaded on October 30, 2018