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Real Estate And Other Investment Options | by peterbake35
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Real Estate And Other Investment Options

Out of all other good things about real estate business, having limitless options is the most attractive one. Such as buying and selling in a big or small town, investing in or out of state etc. Rental properties offer a lot of potential for owners to make passive income by renting the houses. It is a very profitable business, as one can keep doing his comfortable job and rent out a house to generate profit. Buying and owning property is rarely easy or simple. Renting out doesn’t mean to forget it. It’s also very essential for owners to check the property regularly.


Equities vs real estate

Depending upon the area and the country, investments perform differently. There are times when equities perform way better than rental investment. The results of such comparison can be different in different countries or even different locations. There are countries where the real estate value has declined such as Japan. It is due to the decline in the population and because of the increase in aged population.


Investing in real estate

Throughout history, residential real estate investment is always low on risk and high on return. There are certain reasons for this. The first being, real estate is expensive and one time investment. Real estate investment has high barrier to entry. Real estate cannot be bought and sold in a blink. It can take months to be transferred.


Investing in multifamily real estate

There are many benefits in switching from single-family rental houses to multi-family units. It is not as hard as it seems to be in the beginning. Start by acquiring education and learning the titbits of new business that is about to be started. The vendors, lenders, investors and partners should be taken in confidence before making a move. Cooperating partners, management team and access to resources should be streamlined before the process of purchase and acquisition begins. Once everything is ready and under control, enough courage should be gathered to take a leap of faith and step into a new phase of achievements. With all these steps to follow it should be kept in mind that neither time nor the market is going to wait for anyone.



Bonds are low risk and low return. That is a boring idea. No risk no fun and that too with low return. Why not invest in something that is low risk and still high return. Because risk in investment is not that fun. Rental properties, especially rental homes are a great way of generating monthly cash flow. There was a time when bonds performed very well, but that time is gone now. it was in the 80’s. In fact, that too was an anomaly. There were times when bonds earned negative returns. Bonds can expire, and rental properties pay forever. During inflation the value of bonds may go down, but rents rise alongside inflation. Bonds are stable but still low on investment.



Advanced economies have slow economic growth. Still the returns have done better than GDP growth in some countries. Overtime, returns on these assets tend to average growth around double. Everyone wants their wealth and income tied to the returns to stocks and real estate and not to GDP.


Leap of faith

Investing in anyone of these investment options, a leap of faith is required. Things begin to change when the market fluctuates. Even the most reliable options of all can become a headache in no time. Sometimes the best deals are offered when the market is unstable. Success depends on the luck, timing and the effort of the investor.

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Uploaded on October 27, 2018