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How Bad the Tongue Piercings Can Be For Your Oral Health | by palmersingletary
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How Bad the Tongue Piercings Can Be For Your Oral Health

A study published in Journal of Periodontology states that there is a connection between tongue piercing and oral and dental health problems. This study was based on data collected from 52 young adults who wore long and short barbells on their tongues. It was found out that they had receding and gums and chipped teeth more than the people who didn’t wear the piercings.


Barbells and the types of damage they can do

The researchers were able to find out that different types of barbells can do different types of damage. It mainly because of the lengths of the barbells


•Short barbells: The adults who wore short barbells were found to be more exposed to the risk of getting their teeth chipped because the number of people with chipped teeth was quite higher in such people. This is due to the fact that the ball appearing at the upper side of the tongue can be fitted easily between the teeth.

•Long barbells: Researchers found out that 50% of the people who wore long barbells for 2 years had receding gums.


Different ways tongue piercing can be bad for your oral health



The first to talk about is the infection which can occur due to tongue piercings. We all know that we have good and bad bacteria in our mouths. The bad bacteria always tend to find a way to the bloodstream. Now, the tongue piercing can provide them with the way to bloodstream. It can lead to severe oral and overall health conditions because the infection finds the way to travel to different areas of the body.


Nerve damage

Tongue is an important part of our nervous system as it helps in tasting the foods. When you use tongue piercing, you essentially let the piercings pass through the nerves while damaging them. This is exactly what you are not going to want with your tongue. The end result can be quite disastrous because it can lead to the permanent numbness of the tongue or even worse.


Damage to the teeth

When you have a tongue piercing on the tongue, you let the jewelry strike with the teeth more often. It can lead to the chips or cracks on the teeth.


Gum disease

Since the barbells can come into the contact with gums more often, there is the higher risk of your gum tissues getting damaged due to this contact.


Allergic reaction

If you have the condition of contact dermatitis, tongue piercing can make your life pretty difficult because you will then suffer from the allergic reactions more often. Moreover, tongue piercing alone can be the reason for the development of allergic vulnerability in your body.


What you need to do?

If you are planning to get your tongue pierced, you should rethink about it because it can lead to several infections in your body. And if you have got the piercings and you have now started suffering from the problems, you should immediately visit your dentist and get your problem sorted out.


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Uploaded on October 24, 2018