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Avoid Getting Bothered By Hidden Terms in Your Lease | by theronborrego
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Avoid Getting Bothered By Hidden Terms in Your Lease

There is a similarity among living in your rental home and living with your parents, i.e. you will need to abide rules. However, the consequences of not abiding rules of your rental property can be quite serious as compared to just getting grounded. When you violate the rules of your rental apartment, you might be asked to pack everything and leave the home. In making you to do so, the landlord has backing of the law given that everything in lease is #legal.


Having that said, there are some ways you can avoid getting burned with the hidden terms.


Utility bills

If you haven’t been paying #utilities separately while living in the previous apartment, it doesn’t mean that the same policy is going to be repeated in the new apartment. You need to find out who is responsible for paying utility bills. Since utilities make up quite an amount payable on monthly basis, you need to figure out if you are the one who is going to pay for these utilities apart from paying #rent. It will help you avoid unpleasant surprises.


Pay rent on time

You are going to pay the rent anyway, so why not pay it on time? If you don’t pay rent on time, you might get your relationship with landlord stained. At the end, you wouldn’t want your landlord to express dislike about you on the documents. Furthermore, there are late charges which might be slapped if the time allocated for rent payment passes. Generally, every tenant is given 5 days to pay rent. After those five days, you might have to pay extra 25% of the total rent. Save yourself from such situations; pay rent on time.


Never sublet without landlord’s approval

At some point, you might find yourself needing to sublet the property you have rented. Generally, landlords do not like #subletting. However, many landlords allow subletting when they are asked before you actually do it. The major reason is that giving a house or apartment on rent involves tenant screening. If you are screening the tenants before subletting and your landlord is happy with that, you can surely go on with the process.


Notice before moving out

When you plan to move out of the home, it is quite essential to give your #tenant proper notice well before time. This way, the landlord will find some time to think about the home maintenance before giving it to future tenants. Furthermore, this proper notice could help you in ending the landlord-tenant relationship on pleasing note. Furthermore, many leases bind you to give full-month notice before moving out. If this is the case with you, you need to abide these terms because you can violate laws if you don’t abide these terms.


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Uploaded on January 31, 2018