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Why You Should Wear Mouth Guard | by shirleypatrick901
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Why You Should Wear Mouth Guard

Getting engaged in sports activities is something everyone should focus on as it is one of the most effective ways to stay healthy and fit. But, safety should be considered on priority. Among other aspects, dental safety is among the most important ones but, unfortunately, it is least focused upon.


When you engage in #sports activity, you are mainly exposed against a lot of things which can strike with your face with harder impact. It can be a ball, the shoulder of your sports fellow, or simple the ground when you fall down. Either way, there is a huge #danger for the dental structure. In many cases, people would lose their teeth due to these impacts. Now, the question here is how to prevent such instances from occurring. It’s quite simple. You will have to wear a mouth guard. A mouth guard can fully protect your teeth and jawbone from the impacts which can otherwise make you suffer serious kind of #tooth and #jawbone loss.


Having that said, it is worth mentioning the types of mouth guards you can use.


Over-the-counter mouth guards

You basically look at the least expensive option when you consider getting this type of #mouthguard. These mouth guards some in all sizes. You just have to go to the market find one which could fit in your mouth easily. But, you have to keep in mind that these mouth guards rarely fit well in every case. The improper fitting of these mouth guards can lead to their slipping out when you go for the sports while wearing them.



As the name suggests, you will have to boil these mouth guards and then bite them in order to make them usable for you. Thus, these mouth guards provide you with the customization so that the mouth guard can fit well according to your dental structure. If you are looking for better than most protection options while spending less amount of money, you can go for this option.


Custom mouth guards

These are the most expensive mouth guards and these are the ones you cannot get from the market. If you want ideal fitting of mouth guard on your teeth, this is the option you can go for. In order to get a custom mouth guard, you will need to visit your dentist. Dentist is going to take impression of your dental structure. This impression is going to be used for the preparation of mouth guard which would fit only on your dental structure.


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Uploaded on April 9, 2018