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IST-2 Secure Telephone – Dial Pad Closeup | by nesnet
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IST-2 Secure Telephone – Dial Pad Closeup

IST-2 Dial Pad. Retains the Autovon style keys.


FO = Flash Override

F = Flash

I = Immediate

P = Priority


Flash Override is considered a capability, not a level of precedence. Exercising this capability preempts calls of all other levels immediately. The flash override capability is available to:


* The President of the United States

* The Secretary of Defense and the Chairman of the JCS

* Commanders of the Unified Commands


Flash calls preempt Immediate, Priority and routine calls. Examples of flash calls:


* Calls pertaining to C2 of military forces essential to defense and retaliation

* Critical intelligence essential to national survival

* Conduct of diplomatic negotiations critical to ceasing or limiting hostilities

* Dissemination of critical civil alert information essential to national survival

* Continuity of federal government functions essential to national survival

* Fulfillment of critical U.S. internal security functions essential to national survival

* Catastrophic events


Immediate calls preempt priority and routine calls and are reserved for communications pertaining to situations that gravely affect the security of national and allied forces. Examples of Immediate calls:


* Reconstitution of forces in a post-attack period

* Intelligence essential to national security

* Conduct of diplomatic negotiations to reduce or limit threat of war

* Implementation of government actions essential to national survival

* Situations that gravely affect the security of the United States

* Defense actions concerning the population survival

* Events that have an immediate and detrimental effect on the population

* Vital information having effect on aircraft, spacecraft or missile operations

* Distress assistance


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Taken on August 2, 2010