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How to Accelerate Your Efforts in Link Reclamation | by desmondatherton
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How to Accelerate Your Efforts in Link Reclamation

Link reclamation is a fantastic way to generate some returns mostly if you have discovered your most-favorite technique. Well, the process is pretty simple, because the hard work is already half-done and is out there on the internet. It might be an influencer's mention, video, tagline and much more other content on the web. You can begin your #link_reclamation endeavor without any resources as it is a very low-risk initiative. The bigger the brand you are working for, the better the outcome; this results in an instant return on investment. There have been many developments in the link building space as more developers are creating better tools to make the work easier and faster. It is a procedure that has been there for quite some time now.


Locating Mentions

The first activity is to look out for mentions via a search engine. It would be better to treat every mention separately and create unique project portfolio for each. You get the maximum results in a limited time. If your search engine results are not as much as you desire, you can install a plugin to make them comprehensive. These plugins are essential in lessening your work as you are also going to utilize another one when transferring your data to a #spreadsheet. This will give you a long URL list.


Sorting Out Your List

The filtering out procedure intends to figure out the #DA #domains, and if they are already linked to the webpage, we are interested in. There are various avenues that you can utilize to sort out your URLs in the appropriate format automatically. It depends on the one that is within your reach. The purpose of the URL profiler that you are utilizing is to analyze your collection of URLs and flag off the ones that are already linked to you and remove them.


List Qualification

The main idea here is to figure out if the mention is natural. Getting such mentions on the title of sites is rare. If you wish to increase the results you receive, concentrate your search on the body where most natural links are. There is no need to conduct this operation manually; there are still some useful tools that you can rely on. It is all about copying and pasting the URLs into the tool and let it do its magic. You'll be able to spot the mentions and add them to your final outreach list. Be careful on the spots you discover the mention as some other sections are less likely for the author to add a mention. The main concept is to figure out the naturally-placed mentions.


Acquiring Email Addresses

You need to figure out the email of the webmaster that you can request your link from so that you can add them to your spreadsheet. The first name and email address are the most critical contact data that you need. You can go to the author's website, twitter profile, mail tester among many other alternatives to get the information. Your next step is to use the right tool to match your spreadsheet data with the emails that you have inserted. Ensure that the data is precise and straight to the point.


These are the primary procedures that you can apply to improve your link reclamation rates for newbies and pros alike. Additional tools are a necessary component if you desire to have the best and fastest outcome.

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Uploaded on May 12, 2018