2007_8/15-8/25, LBI, Vacation
While it started and ended nice weather-wise, many of the in between days were lousy. A sorta summer nor'easter hit midway thru our stay, bringing two days of heavy wind and rain, but it was also wet the days before and after. That didn't stop us, as a whole bunch of family and friends converged on Holgate, crashing at several places during the two weeks. Jimmy and I got there first and had three days to ourselves before Kristin arrived with Val and Sophia on Friday. Saturday brought Jill and her family along with Sue. Sunday we ran Jimmy up to the Philly airport for a flight home, after a quick stop at home. Made a run to Atlantic City on Monday. Then Tuesday John, Janice, Glenn, Jim and Mike came down for a few days. We did have a great time despite the wet weather and once it began to clear we hit the beach full force. After all had departed but Sue and I, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at my cousin Robbie and wife Corlet's home in Harvey Cedars.
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