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Image from page 241 of "The guitar and mandolin : biographies of celebrated players and composers for these instruments" (1914) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 241 of "The guitar and mandolin : biographies of celebrated players and composers for these instruments" (1914)

Identifier: guitarmandolinbi00bone

Title: The guitar and mandolin : biographies of celebrated players and composers for these instruments

Year: 1914 (1910s)

Authors: Bone, Philip James

Subjects: Guitarists Mandolinists

Publisher: London : Schott

Contributing Library: University of California Libraries

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he author of several musicaltreatises and compositions for the guitar. The following are titles ofseveral of his works : Principles of music, published in Paris 1830 ;Discourses on music, published by Levrault, Strasburg, 1834, withother similar theoretical volumes. In 1833 he was associated withBertini, the pianist, in the publication of a musical journal entitledMusical Encyclopaedia, which appeared in Paris during theyears 1833-1835. Ledhuy published only a few compositionswhich are now out of print, and the greater number are omittedfrom the catalogues of the original publishers. Op. 26, BrilliantSpanish nocturne for guitar solo, for which the author alters thetuning of the guitar, lowering the two lowest bass strings one toneeach ; Op. 18, Twelve studies for the guitar; Op. 21, a volume ofEtudes caracteristiques for guitar, and a Tablature for the guitarare published by Lemoine, Paris. There was a Ledhuy, a guitaristand guitar maker living in Coucy-le-Chateau, France, about 1806,


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V. P. LRBEDEFF GUITAR AND MANDOLIN. 177 who constructed principally novel guitars of the lyre shape, and itwas from Ledhuys model that Salomon obtained his idea for theharpolyre. Leduc, Alphonse, born Nantes, March 9, 1804, and died in Paris,June 17, 1868, was a French virtuoso on the guitar, bassoon andpiano, and an instrumental composer. His father was a thoroughmusician, a talented pupil of Gavinies, a skilful violinist andguitarist who for some time was a director of the Concerts Spirituels,Paris. The sons musical education was first undertaken by hisparents, and he afterwards entered the Paris Conservatoire whereReicha was his teacher for harmony. In 1825 he obtained thesecond prize at the Conservatoire for the bassoon, and he foundeda music publishing business in Paris in 1841 which attained toconsiderable importance, and is still carried on under the samename by his son. Leduc is the author of about fifty publishedcompositions for the guitar. Legnani, Luigi, born in 1790, at Mi


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