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Image from page 420 of "Review of reviews and world's work" (1890) | by Internet Archive Book Images
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Image from page 420 of "Review of reviews and world's work" (1890)

Identifier: reviewofreviewsw33newy

Title: Review of reviews and world's work

Year: 1890 (1890s)



Publisher: New York Review of Reviews Corp

Contributing Library: Robarts - University of Toronto

Digitizing Sponsor: University of Toronto


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ynasty, and also, it is believed, would throwlight on the recent riots at Nanchang, duringwhich six French Catholic missionaries and anumber of English mission workers were killedand much property destroyed. The anti-Manchuelements, which were the backbone of the Boxer THE PROGRESS OF THE IVORLD. 407 rebellion in 1900, have always endeavored to useoutrages upon foreigners, witli the consequentprobability of European intervention, to con-vince the people of the necessity for doing awaywith the present dynasty. The government atPeking, however, has declared its intention ofprosecuting those responsible for tlie massacre.Indeed, the governor of the province in whicliNanchang is situated has already been degraded,and, it is announced, will be executed. Chinese There is no doubt that the anti-for- 7>fthe^ eign feeling is widespread, and, per- Miiitary Art. jj^ps, increasing. As yet, however, the bulk of tlie Chinese i)opulation seems to be untouched bv the agitation, although the senti-


Text Appearing After Image:

MH. T. V. <:HANU, A ItEIKESKNTATlVE CHINESE STUDENT INAMERICA. (See article on page 423 this month.) ment in favor of boycotting goods from Europeand America is apparently spreading. A clearstatement of the situation in China is printed onanother page this month. It is from the pen ofa young Chinese student at the University ofCalifornia, who, despite his apparent youth,should be credited with having already con-tributed much, by his writings in the American press, toward a better understanding of Chinaand the Chinese by the people of the UnitedStates. In the face of reports that Russia isquietly making her preparations to absorb Mon-golia, that F^ngland has decided not to give upWei-Hai-Wei (which was to be held by the Brit-ish Government only so long as Russia held PortArthur), it is significant to note that an imperialedict has been issued transforming the famoushistoric literary examination halls in Peking intoa military school. At this, as well as at othersmaller institutions


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Taken circa 1890