Camera Mount - Oct 17 2012
Due to the time constraints of wanting to bring my quad copter with me on vacation in Hawaii, I will not have enough time to install and configure the 2 axis CF gimbal that I just bought.

So the next best thing is build something like what Iris Aerial Photography makes. Mount the GoPro across the front of arms and raise the landing gears 3 inches so the GoPro with not hit the ground.

The reason why I liked this mounting idea is because it will maintain the center of gravity in the same spot with or without the GoPro mounted. If I deiced to fly the Quad without the camera I could install the battery to the orignial center-top location. And if the GoPro is mounted then the battery will go on the opposite end of camera on the other mounted.

The current take off weight with everything installed, including a 2200mah lipo and GoPro Hero 2 is 1270 grams (~2.7 lbs).

F450 RTF w/ all electronics: 810g
F450 w/ Camera mount: 909g
Custom Camera & Legs: 99g
GoPro Hero 2: 190g

2200mah Lipo 20C 3S: 171g
5000mah Lipo 65C 3S: 445g
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