RAiR#1 exhibition 5 - 20 Feb 2009

The exhibition RAiR #1 brings together the work of twenty-one visual artists who were artists in residence in Rotterdam between 2003 and 2009.

Works by:

Gema Alba (ES)
Zigor Barayazarra (ES)
Erin Marie Dunn (US)
Annegret Eisele (D)
Lasse Schmidt Hansen (DK)
Karin Hueber (CH)
Annette Kisling (D)
Giuseppe Licari (IT)
Friederike Mainka (D)
Carme Nogueira (ES)
Daniele Pario Perra (IT)
Ben Pointeker (AT)
Abner Preis (US)
Saskia Schüler (D)
Andrew Sroka (US)
Edward Clydesdale Thomson (UK)
Nicola Unger (D)
Hanneke van Velzen (NL)
Martijn in ’t Veld (NL)
Annu Wilenius (FI)
Kenji Yamada (JP)

The exhibition’s theme is how the visiting artist relates to the new environment. The exhibited artists’ working practices show two approaches. Some artists display an introvert approach, having used their residency as an opportunity to absorb themselves in their work in the studio. Others show a more extrovert approach, having sought interaction with their surroundings and produced work that responds to the social and cultural context

The exhibition demonstrates the high quality of the work made by these artists and shows that Rotterdam’s fifteen guest studios form an indispensable link between the Dutch and international art worlds.

RAiR Foundation

For more than twenty years, five prominent Rotterdam-based artists’ initiatives have made an essential contribution to the international character of the city’s art scene.
Together Duende, foundation B.a.d,
Het Wilde Weten, Kaus Australis and Kunst & Complex manage fifteen guest studios, which are used by artists from around the world for periods of three to twelve months. Over the years they have created an extensive and enduring international exchange network that has also afforded artists from Rotterdam the opportunity to take up residencies abroad.

In 2008 these five artists’ initiatives established RAiR – Rotterdam Artists in Residence – to jointly organise artists’ talks, debates and exhibitions. RAiR’s aim is to function as the point of contact for visiting artists, guest studios and art institutions in Rotterdam and their partner organisations in the Netherlands and abroad.

RAiR#1 is organised by Kim Bouvy and is made possible with the financial support of: City of Rotterdam, Department of Culture and Centrum Beeldende Kunst Rotterdam.
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