All Bubbles
I've been more than a little obsessed with photographing soap bubbles. A good day is a still day with slight cloud (diffuses the sunlight).

The lens is always in the centre of the bubble reflection. I find that reassuring for some reason. Life is rarely so simple.

Many of my bubble photos have been featured on Explore too (though I've deleted one - an early one), which has fired the bubble obsession. Very pleased to get on Explore. Some comments say they saw Soap Bubble on "Frontpage of Explore". That sounds great, though I'm not really sure how Explore works.

I keep trying to improve upon and perfect bubble shots.....

My popping bubble photos were featured in the UK national press in July 2009, and got mentions on UK and US national TV news (GMTV and Good Morning America). These shots are also featured in Digital Camera Magazine, October 2009. I can't express how pleased I am with the above. Just fantastic!
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