The Big Lebowski on a Bowling Pin
I made this pin for the Durham, NC Troika Music Festival fundraiser auction, Pin Projekt 2009. It features 95 individually drawn scenes of the Coen brothers' movie The Big Lebowski.

I started by taping the pin with painters tape to determine how many scenes I needed to draw. Then, while watching The Big Lebowski, I noted which scenes I thought were essential to drawing the movie (there were many more than the 95 I taped). I went through my list and cut scenes to the 95 most critical ones. Then, I watched the movie on my computer so I could take screenshots of each scene.

Next, I experimented with/hunted for the finest permanent, quick drying marker I could find, which ended up being Sakura MicroPerm .25mm and .35mm pens. I found them at my local art supply store, Studio Supply.

Each drawing was sketched several times before making it on the pin. I experienced no major flubs, though one scene is accidentally misquoted: the script and the movie differ when Dude says "Careful, man! There's a beverage, here!" (The script and the pin say "Fuck, man! There's a beverage, here.")

I also figured out exactly how many White Russians the Dude drinks during the movie and marked each one on the pin.

The drawings took about a month (roughly 40 hours), six screenings of The Big Lebowski and four White Russians (drawing and motivation were best while sober). It's dedicated to Dave Gray, who has inspired me to bravely draw as an adult. Hard to say it better than he: "All five year olds can draw. You were once five. Therefore you can draw."
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