Tablescapes 2013
LAURA THOMSON is the owner of a design business in Lynnfield, Laura Thomson Design. She also chronicles her personal and professional design experiences through interior and floral projects on her blog Designing44.

Laura started designing at an early age, while being raised by parents who loved restoring old homes and doing DIY projects. Her childhood experiences would later translate into creating beautiful interiors of her own. While raising her two children, Laura took every opportunity to further her creative interests by taking numerous design courses in both interior and floral design in order to hone her skills, resulting in bringing the latest trends to her clients.

One of Laura's true passions is to design with the inspiration of nature. Whether it's for interiors or floral arrangements, she takes time to observe the details of her surroundings from the vibrant colors of moss growing on a rotten stump, the unique angle of a maple branch or the fabulous texture of a nest left behind by a bird. Taking into consideration how these things relate to the choices she makes when she designs, is the secret to her success.

Photo credit: Roy Goodwin

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