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    Canna W says:

    "When I was young, I knew a man with a horse that seemed able to jump anything. Just anything. Tom is like that.

    He points his cameras every which way - and time and time again he comes up with pix that are stunning. Often as thought-provoking as they are beautiful. His range is extraordinary. His powers with photoshop are also incredible, and he brings huge skill and imagination to his works in this field as well, an inspiration to those of us further down the ps ladder.

    Finally, he is also a lovely person. As a contact he has scary levels of observation, coupled with much kindness, and his comments are a joy.

    flickr is much richer for his presence."

    August 28th, 2006

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    larryosan says:

    "tomusan is a photographer I have admired for many years. To understand you need to delve into his earlier works. You begin to appreciate the sensitivity and humanity of his eye. He is one of the finest photographers of the human condition. Not in the sense of how people live but in the way he draws out the essential qualities of his subject. I refer you to his picture of Louis. Only someone who is truly trusted by his subject could have taken that shot. And only a photographer who understood the man could have taken it.

    But this is about digging for truth, one of the more admirable qualities of artists and tomusan here shines. Not only in his eye for people, but in his pursuit to expand his own boudaries of what defines his work. I am glad that manipulatethis group exists if for no other reason than it gave tomusan another avenue to expand his capabilities and his sense of composition, color and plumbing the depths of other peoples works. Some of it is humorous, but there is always a delicacy and an understanding of what the original work contains so that he can extend the work.

    When you look at tomusans' work, you can see that he is on a journey not only in the literal manner, going from place to place in his car but artisticaly. There is an underlying evolution of his material which at this point I am not sure where it is headed. And that to me is one of the most exciting aspects of watchnig his work appear on my screen.

    tomusan may not know it, but I am pretty confident that there are a lot more people watching him and fans of his than he may ever know. And that tension shows in his ever striving towards a new level of self understanding in his stream.

    If you haven't taken the time to go and review tomusans work to see where he has been and to appreciate how is headed to whereever he is going, now is the time to start on that journey for yourself."

    July 15th, 2006

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    BillyWarhol says:


    awesome colourz n motion*

    yer in a league of yer own!!******************



    yours is that rare case where Photography crosses over into Art*

    Keep up the great work tomusan*******************

    Cheers Bro!! Billy Warhol ;))"

    July 2nd, 2006

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    kemikore says:

    "there is so much diversity in tomusans photostream. there is a vein of distinct style, but so many captured emotions. such understanding from love and family to alienation and the face of death. surreal pictures of a very real world. understanding that few other people seem able to capture in just a picture. thanks for sharing them."

    December 4th, 2005

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