Multi Media Artist Shannon Kringen grew up in San Diego California and Whidbey Island Washington. She is a self taught photographer with a background in Graphic Design. She has worked as a figure model in Seattle since 1992. She completed her BA degree in Arts and Literature from Antioch University in 2013. She sees her creative expression as a tool to connect with community and a way of increasing self awareness and tap into a deeper wisdom within.

Artist Statement:
I work with cameras and paint improvisationally. I am very kinesthetic and use my whole body when I create.

In my photography, I fall in love with shape, texture and light while out wandering. I like to capture what is naturally there but in a way that abstracts it and allows the viewer to notice something new and different about ordinary physical reality. I carefully compose all my photos spontaneously as I am shooting moving the camera angle until I see what looks like a balanced, dynamic composition.

In my painting, I allow my hands to move intuitively on the canvas creating shapes and textures that feel right. I repeat patterns and choose colors from somewhere beyond my thinking mind. I am very inspired by the repeating patterns I see in nature. Plants and animals move me a great deal.

I am taping into my unconscious and go into a dream like state when I create art.

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    Stacy Alexander says:

    "I can't say enough about Shannon's photographic prowess! Her talent is unsurpassed in terms of originality, boldness and concept. Her self portraits are thought provoking and inspirational. Her digitally enhanced images are some of the best I've seen. Oh....and I'd be remiss if I did not mention her awesome painted shoes! Those TOTALLY rock!

    Spend an artful hour looking through Shannon's Photostream. You won't regret it.

    Stacy Alexander"

    October 15th, 2008

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    taminsea says:

    "Shannon has an eye for the unique and interesting. Her images have heart, emotion and feeling. I had the pleasure of photographing her last year and she is a lovely and amazing person. Her sense of self and natural beauty come through in her wonderful self-portraits. A talented artist and beautiful woman."

    October 6th, 2008

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    oneclevercat says:

    "I love all the bright and beautiful artwork she photographs around her city, and of course, she's her own most beautiful canvas."

    March 14th, 2008

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    Polliechrome says:

    "Shannon is the most fun and creative photographer I have come across! She is so supportive of our little "Photographers self portraits in reflective surfaces" group. I am so very pleased to see her work each and everytime it comes up. Always something different, clever, creative and inspriring for us all. We think about it...she does it!!
    What a wonderful free spirit of adventure and love of life she has! I have been honored to watch her work on flickr."

    November 26th, 2007

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    eustacia42 says:

    "Shannon is a true expression of pure unadulterated LIFE!"

    September 6th, 2007

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    ceremony says:

    "Very attractive - inside and outside human being - good to know people like her are around in this world of so much limitations."

    August 26th, 2007

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    Jae-sun Gim says:

    "Shannon is the Queen of Self Portrait and digital art."

    July 14th, 2007

Shannon Kringen
August 2005
I am:
Female and Taken
Photographer, Multi Media aRtist