My photography is closely tied to my travels, both internationally and close to home. Over the years, in intervals between school and work, I've managed to travel extensively throughout the US and in 25 countries on four continents. I’ve taken week-long solo backpacking trips through the Sonoran desert and the Olympic mountains and enjoyed the company of friends on treks through the Peruvian Andes and Florida Everglades. I’ve kayaked through the San Juan Archipelago and in the Sea of Cortes, snorkeled in the Andaman Sea off Thailand and Belize's Barrier Reef, hiked through the Bolivian Amazon and the Dangrek Mountains of northern Cambodia, slept in a hammock on Colombia’s Caribbean coast and on a frigid island in Lake Titicaca, and danced through the night at a Laotian temple party and a Bulgarian discotheque. My memories of these travels are most frequently catalyzed by the photos I've taken, and I hope those same photos might inspire others to undertake similarly revelatory adventures.

I currently reside in Los Angeles, where I work as a film programmer and keep my eyes open for photographic inspiration. I’ve recently taken up rock climbing and bouldering, which I enjoy in the deserts of southern California with my girlfriend. Add me as a contact to keep up with my latest photos and I'll likely reciprocate.

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Andrew Hall
July 2005
Miami Lakes, FL
Los Angeles, CA, USA
I am:
Male and Taken
science teacher, film curator
The Recovering Vagabond
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