I write, read, blog, take photos and ... [work in progress]

If you want to know more about me, or read my stuff, check out my blog here: marklawrence.blogspot.com

Just a note about my photographs and my interaction with the flickr community:
- I have a mix of family photos, general photographs, and photographs of subjects capturing my attention and imagination. The way I treat these photos, and expect you to treat them, depends on what type they are.

- I share most of my photos (the vast majority) on my creative commons license – but if you wish to use my photos, I expect you to share the results under the terms of the license, ie under a creative commons license too.

- I have retained copyright over many other photos, including family photos.

- I enjoy and look forward to interaction with other Flickr users, including comments and feedback on my photos and marking my photos as 'favourites'. I, in turn, enjoy viewing the photos of other flickrites, leaving comments and feedback, marking photos as favourites so I can return to them, and using creative commons licensed flickr photos for my blog.

- However, if you've done any of these but I don't know you and I check out your profile and photostream but see no information or photos shared, I will assume you are a lurker and/or up to no good and block you, as I'm very protective of my family's privacy and wellbeing. No offence meant if you don't fall under this category, but I'd rather be safe than sorry!

Many of my photos are only for family and friends to view. These involve personal family photos and my kids. That's just the way it is.

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Mark Lawrence
October 2004
Melbourne, Australia
I am:
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