I still feel as though I'm starting a new career. I've been working as a photographer since 1984, and suddenly, I've been given the opportunity to shoot as a news cinematographer.

Well, the brainstorm struck several weeks later, and suddenly, I find myself planning on a project concerning Baltimore, Maryland. I've gotten my hands on a Panasonic HVX200 video camera and I'm waiting for the Nikon D200 digital still cameras. With this new equipment, I intend on dazzling people with some true eye candy.

But there's a catch: I've never shot a full-length production before! Have I already bitten off more than I can chew? I doubt it; I'm too confident. But I face a bigtime learning curve to learn a completely new system of visual production, while having to learn post-production editing, like using Adobe Final Cut Pro.

Please, peruse my blogs as I post my thoughts, planning, problems, and solutions. Perhaps you may even be able to help with some suggestions. Feel free to check out my current and regularly-updated Blogger page!

Feel free to visit the Baltimore Sun's online paper, as great photojournalists are generating better and better work, both in print and digital media, like Flash and Final Cut shows.

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Baltimore Sun
April 2006
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