I'm the big guy having his head bitten off by a Lego dragon on my avatar.

There's also some stuff here:

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or vertaling Duits Nederlands

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Photos of Lego Monster (12)

  • Dubai. Our last evening by bricktrix
  • Brickfair 2013 Group Photo by Mad physicist
  • Brickfair 2013 - Day 4 by -Evan M-
  • Brickfair 2013 - Day 1 by -Evan M-
  • Brickish@NSC 2013 - Dr Who Mosaic by bluemoose
  • Meeting the Monsters by [Carter]
  • Crew of the USS STEAM by bluemoose
  • Drowning in tile by Lego Monster
  • Concorde at the Brooklands Museum by Mad physicist
  • BA_STEAM_2009_440 by A J Summersgill
  • PA060368 by LostCarPark
  • The Carl Sagan Ed and Ralph by Lego Monster

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    SHARPSPEED says:

    "Friggin' Europe......................

    Always gets the best builders....."

    September 29th, 2009

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    Mrs Monster says:

    "One might think that being married to Ed is some what testing but I am very proud of him, and his building is superb.
    He really does have an amazing ability to be able to build what ever comes to mind and being able to do it expertly at the same time."

    June 9th, 2009

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    Mad physicist says:

    "Some people build big. Some people build very well. There's a rare group of people who can do both and Lego Monster is one of those. It doesn't matter whether he builds a jet, a tank, a space ship; they're all great. Besides the LEGO building stuff, he's also a great guy and a good friend."

    March 9th, 2008

Ed Diment
January 2008
Portsmouth, England
Portsmouth, England, U.K.,Europe
I am:
Male and Taken
Professional LEGO builder and Director at Bright Bricks Ltd