"Expect that just one of your ten thousand photographs are a real masterpiece"
Ian Janne Matt

Independent/Photojournalist/Freelance Professional/Writer/Photography Instructor/ /Photography Masterclass/

Bás mé d'Éirinn
Is maith liom daoine maithe ... agus Riverdance .....




First, thanks to my mentor, teacher and old mate John Raymond Garrett (AU), for everything, Margaret Bourke White(USA), the woman I loved so much (as photographer and colleague) and
Thousand thanks to Luciano (Luciano Gollini,Cuggiono, Italy ), ordinary creature, who know and understand .

**A Workshop diary (No more, no less) **

All best to all my students and wherever you are,REMEMBER:

If we ignore the Photoshop manipulated images, amateur pictures, empty and meaningless images, then remains only a few percent that can be called the real art of photography !

Five minutes of truth everyone should hear


** Don't change reality ! **

*Simplicity is the key !!!!!!!!*

* Almost all doing the same error due to the right hand.
But the eye wanders from the lower left side, towards the right and up!..*

*The worst enemy of an ambitious photographer is his own laziness.*

"Light waits for no one, you have to wait for the light, as far as necessary "

* The photographer has no control over their working hours, Light controls the photographer! *


"Self-criticism is the best photo editor"

"Sometimes can take years of training to produce an acceptable photograph"

"... And it's not just about being able to shoot, but to find what you should shoot, which is far more difficult than you think ..."

"A masterpiece is created in the head, not in the camera"!

"... But few are able to recognize a masterpiece ..!"

Ian Mattt
Thanks so much to all of you!!!...For your visit and kind words!!!

I have no Photoshop ! I have no the time to piddle with anything in Photoshop: if the image isn't perfect as shot it gets deleted. Life is too short to piddle with sloppy images.


"The differences in resolution and all the other technical specifications have little or nothing to do with your success as a photographer .You could win a Pulitzer with any camera...the judges will be looking at the strength of the image, not the hardware that you used to create it. "




Mamiya RZ 67 PRO, Speed Graphic 4x5
, Nikon F 90 X, Toyo 45CX, Yashica MAT 124 G





I'm not a better photographer than my worst student !


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Tá mé ag Ian Matt
February 2010
I am:
Male and Single
War Photographer, Grianghrafadóir agus féachana. NPPA and WPO Member