"No art or artist here, just images meant to shine only through what they show."

Unknown (but self named Urashimataro)


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"There are two kinds of people: those who give you energy, and those who take it away."

Jonny Sha


Moriyama's Burobuke

"Look at the world without thoughts, without ideas, without words. The world looks back at you. 'Photography,' Moriyama wrote, 'was a free art form.' 'free' meant no framing, no focus, no subject, no story. It meant using photography to see through the surface of things, to create 'fossils of light' and recover 'memory,' to find a new camera language to capture one's own highly charger emotional experience. Burobuke ('blurred and out-of-focus'), Moriyama called his new photographic style."

I shoot 99% film with my Leica MP and its inseparable friends, 21 Elmarit, 35 Sumicron, 90 Sumicron, 5cm Summitar and 50 Noctilux.

1. Think about death as the graduation of life. Don not fear it, live up to it.
2. Care about people
3. Always do your best
4. Embrace change and the unexpected
5. Be honest to yourself

art is what you can get away with.
- Andy Warhol

Honesty, i believe, is the ultimate state of being. When one is honest with oneself, and with others, there is no conflict and life is clear. In photography i believe the same is true.





What is HILIBOS?

HILIBOS came to life one night in Tokyo when a friend asked jokingly where I was from. To this I proudly answered:

"I'm from HILIBOS, a tiny island on a remote location in the Mediterranean sea." More questions followed:

Q: What language do you speak in HILIBOS?

Q: How do you say "hello" in HILIBOS?

And this way HILIBOS was born.

Today Hilibos means something different. Hilibos is home. I have lived outside of my home country, Mexico, for 16 years. For most of this time I have gone thru the usual "where is home" bit many times.

For a few years I believed home was still Mexico. Then I believed home was California, where I lived for 6 years. My mind changed and I thought Tokyo was home. By the time I moved to New York City I knew better; home was not any of these places, not even New York.

In 2005, on one of my regular trips to Tokyo I realized something: my life so far had been like an ivy. My experiences living in several countries had been like the lead branches, and by this time the tender and energetic leads had turn into strong, luscious branches. I had been home all along, it is just a different concept of home than what I expected.

Home is always changing, it is the vector area where my heart, my thoughts and familes are. I have been so lucky as to living what I had until that time wished for: to live not only in one place, under one roof alone, and with one set of family members. I had been living all along the dream of extending my human network and redefining conventional concepts of growing roots in a physical place. I put down my roots in the world, not in a specific place.

Hilibos is home. How much will it grow? How will it's borders change in the future? Who knows, stay tuned!


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