"For years, I've lived a double life.
In the day, I do my job
I ride the bus, roll up my sleeves with the hoi polloi.
But at night, I live a life of exhilaration,
of missed heartbeats and adrenalin.
And, if the truth be known, a life of dubious virtue.
I won't deny it, I've been engaged in violence, even indulged in it.
I've maimed and killed adversaries and not merely in self-defense.
I've exhibited disregard for life, limb and property,
and savoured every moment.
You may not think it, to look at me,
but I have commanded armies and conquered worlds.
And though in achieving these things, I've set morality aside,
I have no regrets.
For though I've led a double life, at least I can say:
I've lived."

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    The Midnight Marauder says:

    "Keep up the great work, man. I'm glad I added you to my contacts list. Your stuff is always colorful, vibrant, and full of life. I rarely ever leave testimonials on peoples' profiles, lol."

    August 12th, 2012

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    "one of the best la threads great stream."

    June 14th, 2011

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    Ableleeskies says:

    "Ay foo... let me bust a roller on ur tits..."

    August 16th, 2009

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