I am a charming, reflective and relatively young artist from the west coast of Denmark. I was born in 1978 and actually born here, but my Mum is Swedish and my Dad was Danish. I have called a lot of places for home and done a fair share of traveling in my time. I have studied and worked in England and later I have moved back to my native Denmark. I lived in England 14 years, where I still have a lovely group of friends, contacts and admirers, as well as my Mum who lives there still.
My hates and likes are varied, but mostly it can be said of me that I love books (70s-80s science fiction), history books, ancient literature etc...), I love music and that is everything from punk to classical (I hate most modern pop music and opera), I love watching films and documentaries.
My activities are of course art, painting, cooking, baking, running and socializing. I also do tons of voluntary work and help others in any which way I can. I green, with a capital G and am a big supporter of electronic freedom and rights on the internet. I am currently a student and hope to become a school teacher, when I am finished with my studies.

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Alexander Henning Drachmann
December 2006
Esbjerg, Denmark
I am:
Male and Single
alexhdrachmann [at] hotmail.com