My names Jon.
Im 22.
I go to Cscc for Photography.
I have a Canon Rebel Eos Xsi.
Im not really good with words, so I let my photos talk for me.
I let them express what ever feelings I have.
I look at things and in my head I turn them into photographs.
I cant draw, or paint, so with photography, my camera is my brush, and the world is one big canvas for me.
This is the only thing Ive ever been really confident of myself in.
I know my photography is going to bring me far...I just hope I have what it takes to get noticed.
I never have enough time to thank everyone for their comments but I really do appreciate them all and am thankful for them whether its good or bad.
Sometimes I wish I had an agent or manager to take care of the business aspect of things.
I just like to shoot.

Tell me your story...cause I have to know it by Jonathen Adkins

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Oh and thanks to Anita for my pro account she got me, she's an amazing photographer, check her out

Here are the prices if you would like to purchase any prints.

Other sizes are available, just let me know if there is any other size you would like that is not listed.

All payments can be made through Paypal, cash, or check. If you would like to purchase a print just contact me at or send me a message on Facebook.











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  • view profile says:

    "You have some of the most amazing pictures!"

    April 26th, 2013

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    Jessica Christie Wildlife Photographer says:

    "Your a really great photographer! I can honestly say your one of the best I've seen and my favorite! Your like a role model to most people and me, each photo of yours has a lot of emotion in it and tells a story. None of your shots are boring. I love that about your photos! You are going to get sooo far :) farther than me even... maybe lol. No matter what you take a picture of you make it come alive and make it amazing. I'm glad your one of my good friends, I couldn't see life without your inspiration! Stay yourself Jon! :)

    Love you buddy,

    June 13th, 2011

  • view profile

    Deana Steere says:

    "I'm excited to see where your photo stream will go. There is such life to much of these photos, I can't wait to see more!"

    April 23rd, 2010

  • view profile

    DFVTphotos says:

    "Jon has a knack for catpuring life as it happens, each shot seems to have taken place at the correct time without acknoledgement of the photographer. I found his photostream intriging becuase it does not look like a bunch of experimental shots as some others do. Each image tells a unique story and the composition is spot-on.

    Jon, you are one talented guy...keep it up"

    February 7th, 2010

  • view profile

    sweetchick75 says:

    "You are an outstanding photographer!!! I am always excited to see what you will capture next!! Keep up the good work!!! :)"

    December 9th, 2009

Jonathen Adkins
February 2009
New York City, Us
I am:
Male and Taken