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Photos of Archer's Eye (10)

  • IMG_5517 by Archer's Eye
  • IMG_5519 by Archer's Eye
  • now by Archer's Eye
  • New Year by Archer's Eye
  • Afghani rings by Archer's Eye
  • Dusty Jhunjhunu by Archer's Eye
  • Cappadocia by Archer's Eye
  • Driving through the clouds by Drew Dickson
  • Archer takes a moment on Mauna Kea by Drew Dickson
  • The Fair Unmasked Nun by Archer's Eye
  • Archer, the Queen of Mauna Kea, and I at the summit at the world´s highest Flickr meet up !!! by Paula Marina

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    Chris W Hart says:

    "What's great about Archer's photostream is you'll never know what to expect next but whatever it is, it's bound to be full of crafty wisdom, or chalked with lots of great color compositions.. and sometimes both - always entertaining and beautiful to the eye...."

    February 23rd, 2008

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    Stephen R Mingle /Gonzo® says:

    "Beauty , humanity, and sardonic dignity-
    are abundant in Archers stream. When you start to search the deep waters, and explore the depths of the her fluent universe, you may find- all that is right in this world.... if you have a sense of humor?
    When the wind sweeps in from the east, a dragon breathes toward us.
    And when the wind blows from the west, the sky returns to elements, water, fire, Ice, stone and moss, and laughter.

    Archer is beyond all this, and is in touch!

    If I have ever had a Virtual "best friend," it is she.
    Thank you, and enjoy the water."

    February 14th, 2008

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    ANDI2.. says:


    the gods would be jealous of your bright shining soul....
    an earth mother ..........
    how could i fail to be touched by your beautiful heart and images...

    let every day be valentines day...

    you oooze paradise from every pore...
    im proud to call you my friend....."

    August 9th, 2007

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    PolloPatagonico says:

    "what can I say?

    I just love her and her spirit."

    July 27th, 2007

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    yewco says:

    "She takes really beautiful photos of nature with full of great colors. If you see some, you would want to see more. I love her selfportrait as well. I know she rocks!"

    September 3rd, 2006

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    mord says:

    "Hurry and get out of this wind, for the weather is bad.
    And when you've left this storm, you will come to a fountain;
    You'll find a Friend there who will always nourish your soul. - Rumi

    I have never met Archer ( I hope o one day ) , but through Flickr and her photos, I feel I so lucky to be able count her as one of my friends.

    Archer is a stunningly beautiful red head women, with a soul to match, she has an amazing artists eye and a brilliant sense of humour, she also loves science! ( how cool is that ) , now take a look around this stream its full of life, love and art. She Blinded me ..."

    May 25th, 2006

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    Hemali Tanna says:

    "Archer!!! I love the name!!! And i love her!!!!!!!

    I have this wave of respect and adoration for Archer, I just cant explain!! Read her profile, and you will know why!!!!
    How often do you come across people who you start adoring so madly in a matter of a few minutes of knowing them?
    She is one such person!!! So rare, so strong, so beautiful!!!!!!!

    I love her pictures!!!! They show how passionately she lives life!!!!
    You'll find great self-portraits of her's, lovely lanscapes of beautiful places she has been to, lovely sunsets, pictures of Flickr meets, you see graphics of airports and you know she is travelling, she'll paint funny faces on onions and she'll paint lacy panties on fingers, and have you in splits!!!! :-)

    She sees beauty around her, she is witty and fun, and she LIVES life to the fullest!!!!!
    Archer, you really inspire me, Love to you :-)"

    May 19th, 2006

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    angelocesare says:

    "A lot of sets, ideas, colours, sensations, thoughts, expressions, places and experiences. Soul, mime and mimesis. A kaleidoscope built with world's representations. A precious link. A landmark. I really love it."

    May 15th, 2006

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    Kris Kros says:

    "Archer is just a natural born artist. She knows what will click as a good picture and for all of us to admire. I love her work and so proud to be her dear friend.

    Move power to you, Archer. Just keep on doing what you've been doing. You are one amazing girl of photography."

    April 20th, 2006

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    jon madison says:

    "She gets to go *everywhere*. :-)"

    April 3rd, 2006

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    ruurmo says:

    "Archer es sinónimo de alegría, creatividad e inteligencia, su propuesta fotográfica, sus composiciones y hermosos y exóticos paisajes no dejan de sorprender a quienes disfrutamos de su lente."

    February 14th, 2006

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    Tidalist says:

    "I don't believe there is anyone quite like Archer on flickr. Her photographs contain that wonderful mix of fun, the joy of being, there is no pretension, they are all colour and life and a complete pleasure to see. They make me smile."

    February 10th, 2006

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    gmalras says:

    "Archer's Eye : es la fuerza del color, tanto los rojos como los azules son mostrados con una inconmensurable fuerza que lucha por salirse del monitor.

    Sus hermosos ojos captan como nadie la jovialidad de la vida y nos muestra una obra, llena de luz y color, aderezada con unas gotas de fantástico buen humor.

    Más amante de los objetos que las personas nos enseña una realidad fuera de lo cotidiano y lo común, paradójicamente conseguida con los objetos y situaciones más usuales de los distintos parajes que rodean una vida de viajera insaciable.

    Su mirada quizás algo gótica en algún momento, no conoce de medias tintas y expone con maestría lugares y situaciones que irradian felicidad a base de colores pegadizos y bien contrastados.

    Sus autorretratos son una gozada llena de fuerza, con la que juega, bromea y nos deleita con su fuerza interior.

    Nos impacta con sus flores, tienen tanta fuerza y policromía que aún dudo que estén fotografiadas en este planeta. En definitiva su obra es una bendición para los sentidos y un brindis a la vida"

    January 27th, 2006

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    eye of einstein says:

    "Ms Archer's Eye is first and foremost, one of my closest and most special friends.
    I want to thank her for introducing me to Flickr and for helping to rekindle within myself the creative spirit and energy which reflects in my enthusiasm for this medium.
    Archer's Eye is a very talented multi-facetted visual artist and photographer. A keen eye and a searching imagination are her finest attributes as shown here in Flickr.
    She has a great talent for revealing the art image of the most unlikely places in the most interesting way..

    December 25th, 2005

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