Half Aussie, Half Kiwi, Half crazy wedding photographer from Australia. My blog gets far more loving than flickr, so if you want to see what Im up to hit it up: blog.vibrantphotography.com.au.


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If you spam my flickr images with; your images / view my flickrstream / image I will delete them. Continue doing it and I'll send you to my blocked list. Also don't tag me in photos of your flowers, landscapes etc which are clearly not me.
that is all :)

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    Brian Catacutan says:

    "Very inspirational work my friend. Keep it up!"

    August 20th, 2009

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    Shally.S says:

    "Thanks for the add! =)

    When I laid my eyes on your pictures, I could not help adding them to my favorite!! LoL...your pictures are simply irresistible! You're gonna be great in years to come =)

    Best of luck!

    Regards, Lanx"

    September 2nd, 2009

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    NorwayNatasha says:

    this guy is AMAZING.
    I nearIy feII down on the fIoor when I viewed his work for the first time!
    I mean, if you got a taIent Iike that, you just HAVE to go far in Iife!

    Best of Iuck, hope you'II stay here on fIickr for a Ioong time!
    If you do, I surIey need to try some bridaI photography myseIf because your work is soo inspiring!

    Best of Iuck,
    - Nat from Norway :))"

    June 9th, 2009

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