Now that I am retired from teaching ( oh how I miss the daily battle against the forces of ignorance ) I want to spend more time with
(i) My dogs
(ii) My photography and painting
(iii) Walking with (i) and doing (ii)

I used an Olympus E620, Panasonic LX5, Sadly the Panasonic Lumix G1 and GF1 and G5 with all their lenses have made way for Canon 6D, 70D and a Panasonic FZ1000. There is still a LX2 ( and somewhere else I have an Olympus Trip, OM1 and OM2 all that remains from those heady days of analog film ) and now another mirrorless camera, Lumix GX8.

Since joining Flickr I have been amazed at the wonderful photos people are taking all around the world and the obvious joy it brings. Why didn't I join earlier ? I love looking at the imaginative ideas people come up with.

The nature shots, especially the butterflies, birds and dogs, have been amazing. It has prompted me to go out and have a look and I have found butterflies I never knew existed. Now I visit Nature Reserves and try to emulate other great photographers

Following advice in one of the forums I bought an adaptor to allow me to use my old OM lenses on my E620. Information I found on the internet said that my OM 50 mm f1.4 would be a good portrait lens, in fact it might be too good ( showing warts and all ) so I have been going around my village, politely asking everyone if I could take their portrait, in the interest of going back to manual camera work. It has been brilliant and generated several long discusions ( much to the dismay of the dogs !). The portrait results were good, I have started a project, "100 Portraits of Strangers". I have recently been interested in more studio based work, especially Band W portraits.

Please do not copy or use any of my photos without my written permission.

And of course I would appreciate positive, constructive comments about all my shots if you can spare the time.

Photos of Big G1948 (8)

  • An evening at Weston by lens buddy
  • Sunlight on Brambles and Cobwebs 1000px by splasha-art
  • benda_141206-105 by letitrock415
  • Dog day afternoon by blindasabat101
  • Big G by Cromwell's Boy
  • Graham get down by blindasabat101
  • 3 Strays by blindasabat101
  • Graham on Dartmoor "Big G" by Cromwell's Boy
  • Our Graham. by Tom's Grandad

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Graham Shaw
July 2010
Bridgwater, UK
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