In my varied travels through out the US I take pictures in an attempt to keep the various cities from becoming a blur. Never knowing where your waking up only to fall asleep somewhere else. Some of these shots are more documentary for me to remember these places years from now while other I attempt to go more artistic.

I did a 365 project, learned alot about the camera and photography.

My latest obession is with night photography and light painting to be more specific.

It is the only way I can know what others think and how to improve as a photographer.

They say your first 10,000 shots are your worst. Well, I am halfway there. The more I have studied my own pictures the more I realize most are snap shots. Lately I have been attempting to make a true effort to make them more artistic and to try and plan out the shot before I take it. I used to just take a crap ton of shots and upload a lot of them, now I do my best to take fewer shots and upload only one or two of them.

You may notice I have a ton of different sets, the way they are organized is mainly geographical. I tend to create set in the city the pictures were taken rather than the type of picture it is. I do have type of picture sets so I can put my pictures into more than one set. But basically my mind works based on location, I am always interested to see what other parts of the world look like.

I have also recently started playing with video, not any good yet but it is fun. Check out my Vimeo page.

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June 2008
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