by Paul Michael Hughes

These images are set far apart from my commercial work and I now feel it's about time they are seen. I have been taking them over a very long period of time (since I was roughly 16 when my grandad gave me my first real camera) and they are all mostly shot on 35mm film. Either a Pentax ME Super or Ricoh GR1v.

The images you see here are simple scans of the develop and process 6x4in prints. They are categorized into 4 sets which all mean a great deal to me and are a reminder of the people I have met and the places I have been to.

Each image and category has been selected for a strong purpose and there is often a very simple meaning or form of entertainment.. The point may be harder to find in some more than others, so look deep.

These pictures are from the heart and are not just throw away images…These are images to help inspire and change a throw away instagram culture.

I hope they may also mean something to you..Enjoy


Please take a look at my commercial work from the link

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Paul Michael Hughes
March 2014
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Paul Michael Hughes
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