♥rashida coleman-hale♥ 2:07pm, 13 August 2012
Hello everyone,

The lovely Karyn Valino, who is the designer of the pleated coin purse, has the frames for this project available in her shop here: shop.theworkroom.ca/product/zakka-frame

The CORRECT size is "4" x 2 1/8" Curved with Sewing Holes".

I'm preeetty cranky about this error (among others...geez) as this was changed during review. But please spread the word!!!

thecraftersapprentice 6 years ago
Thanks Rashida, I'm just looking for one in the UK now. Hey, are you joining us for the last few projects of the SAL??
thecraftersapprentice 6 years ago
Oh, whilst I'm shopping - does anyone have the book to hand? Is it glued in or sewn in?
The Patchsmith 6 years ago
It is glued in.
aquilterstable PRO 6 years ago
Thank you! Hoping against hope that it gets here in time!
thecraftersapprentice 6 years ago
thank you!
Emily Levey 6 years ago
really wish I had seen this before I brought one about an hour ago! I guess logic should have told me that 2" odd was too small :-(
The Patchsmith 6 years ago
I am sorry to hear about your disappointment Emily. It is a huge problem when there are errors in a 'pattern' book. This query was raised on the thread 'Errors in the Zakka Style book' and Rashida was good enough to post the amendment here. Unfortunately the Errata page itself hasn't been updated either. It is most probably wise to check with the 'Errors in the Zakka Style book' or to ask a question before buying anything. On the plus side, another Zakkarist has used the smaller frame and says it worked out okay - a little gathered and small - but she managed with it and was pleased with the purse. So maybe all will be well.
Judith, Texas 6 years ago
I used a frame I had on-hand and I am happy how it turned out. I just alltred the pattern to fit my smaller frame. I am going to make another one with the correct size. I just had a smaller frame to use and really thought it was harder to make until I read the instructions. Thanks, Judith, Texas
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