jmblackie 1:45pm, 2 March 2007
I thought it might be interesting to show off what the Yashica can do with the night. I have several handhelds that worked out pretty well. How about you? Post a medium sized photo here.

This was taken after our movie let out. I saw the beauty shop nearby (some lights on), grabbed my "new" and untested GTN from the glove box and and ran over to try out available light -- I pressed the lens against the glass of the store window and snapped away. I used my usual Ilford XP2 at 400, lens wide open, shutter speed is anybody's guess, as you know if you have these cameras.

Night - Salon
Luke H 12 years ago

Sitting on a solid object, demonstrating the f16 aperture priority functionality:
jmblackie Posted 12 years ago. Edited by jmblackie (member) 12 years ago
All nice, Luke, but that last one looks so razor sharp it could be a Leica. Jaw-droppers. - Here are a few more from me (and hoping other will post)

Night - Fast Food

On this it's easy to miss the silhouette of the the chainlink fence surrounding the backyard of the apartment building.
Night - Fence

...and not night, but deep underground I took this one:
L'Enfant Plaza Metro Station - October 18, 2006 5:12 pm
accosta Posted 12 years ago. Edited by accosta (member) 10 years ago
Photos of Brazilian singer Fathima Santos during a pocket show dedicated to Antonio Carlos Jobim at Vila's, a bistrot in Fortaleza, Ceara -BRAZIL, February 1, 2007.
Fantastic performances of Fathima, (with Marcio Rezende on sax and flute and Eduardo Holanda on guitar) but the place was very poorly lit. Anyway I decided to post it because I think they represent quite well the mood of that night.

Fathima Santos at Vila's
chocolategirl64 12 years ago
yashica electro ~ light flight
tripod ~ timer ~ action

yashica electro ~ denny's arches
Mark Waldron Posted 12 years ago. Edited by Mark Waldron (member) 10 years ago

Rainy Night On Grafton Street
chenick 12 years ago
Here are 2 of my shots, also of Dublin. Taken with my Electro 35 GTN, handheld and using Kodak 200 film. The meter in these cameras is great!
River Liffey
Drive by shooting
bizcarlito Posted 12 years ago. Edited by bizcarlito (member) 12 years ago
I edited my post. thanks so much Dee for telling me how to add pics in a group, I think I was the only left on flickr to know how to do it :-)

these were taken with fuji 400 asa pushed at + 2 stops
dragonballyee PRO 11 years ago
shot wide open at f/1.7 with TMax 400

shot wide open at f/1.7 with Ilford HP5+
david.alliet 10 years ago


worship me!

Not exactly night shots, but still under poor lighting conditions (handheld, as well):


Waiting for a train

So yeah, i absolutely love my Yashica Electro 35 (mine's a GSN) for shots under dubious lighting conditions.
MARTYr Photography 10 years ago
El Morro at Dusk
a_lemos 10 years ago
mraaronmorris 10 years ago
2 images stitched together.
Nicolas Gerber 10 years ago
slm0n PRO 10 years ago
Everybody such great images i am amazed.
Jan Kratochvil 10 years ago
great pictures, thanks for sharing
shetha Posted 10 years ago. Edited by shetha (member) 10 years ago
tripod used (two eposures) with slide film to test the orton effect:
無常 Posted 10 years ago. Edited by 無常 (member) 10 years ago


GeoDesigner 10 years ago
At Dusk, pretty damn dark

Park Lamp

Park Bridge

Open-air concert, at night, only stage lights:

Uakti Concert

Uakti Concert

All ISO100, Handheld. Yashica Electro just rules.
johnnyh PRO 10 years ago
One of the first photos I took with my 'new' GT - handheld.

Marine Court - Yashica Electro 35 GT
better spy [deleted] 10 years ago
Laguna Beach retro stream lined burger place, April 2008 - shot with film on vintage camera
Erik J. Gustafson 10 years ago
omg!!! I'm so stoked!
I was just given a GSN.
Can't wait to use it 10 years ago
This one was converted to B&W from a colour slide.

nyc-003 10 years ago
TexturaObscura PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by TexturaObscura (member) 10 years ago

Yashica GT
Nick Bryant 10 years ago

Taken with a GTN with no meter, so at 1/500s
russtla PRO 10 years ago
Just put my first roll through my new Yashy GTN and this one of the keepers (OK, my standards aren't very high!). It was taken on the bulb setting with around about a 10 sec exposure, pressed up against a window pane, on Kodak 400 GC. Gave quite a cool effect, I thought!

The light at night
John Ryan Brubaker 10 years ago
observant cactus [deleted] 10 years ago
periodic boat [deleted] 10 years ago

Both handheld, of course :)
zedworks 10 years ago

With a Yashica MG-1, on ISO200 film. Actually, I was surprised, since the film shots came out much better than the digital ones :-)

I'm not sure wether this was handheld, or placed the camera on a log, or something ...
bronney PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by bronney (member) 11 months ago
beats the crap out of my digitals.

Hong Kong racetrack in happy valley:

$10, tripod is for kids. All hand held.
premium kettle [deleted] 10 years ago
DraconianRain PRO 10 years ago

Pune city during the 10 day Ganesh festival
jchristianparent 10 years ago
Finally got back my first rolls of film with my Electro 35! Here's a couple shot on the boardwalk in Ocean City, MD:

Fear and Loathing in Ocean City 6

Fear and Loathing in Ocean City 3
DraconianRain PRO 10 years ago

At a food stall run by the blind during the Ganesh festival in Pune city
productive silk [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by productive silk (member) 10 years ago
One of my first and last night shoots.
frank_breech PRO 10 years ago

waex99 PRO 10 years ago
Singapore River Festival - Cavenagh BridgeCavenagh bridge in Singapore
gbhill Posted 10 years ago. Edited by gbhill (member) 10 years ago
Fuji 800
elated collar [deleted] 10 years ago
GS resting on a batting glove or something in the grass, self timer, f/5.6 or so if I remember right. A few minutes before a softball game that we lost pretty badly - that part I remember well.

fall ball!
parker, 10 years ago
how do you guys get this thing to fire in low light like this without using the bulb setting? is there a way? or do i just have to start looking for light to get pictures that aren't all blurry
Luno_Luno 10 years ago
Color Yashinon DX
From the first test roll with my Electro35GL / Kodak gold400
YE35GS Japan Fisheries Patrol Vessels

Two ships of Japan's Ministry of Fisheries moored in Tokyo.


Street busker in Kiryu, Japan. Shot with a little help from an off-camera flash hoisted skyward on a monopod.
p_a_u_l_o PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by p_a_u_l_o (member) 10 years ago
Paris Spotlight

Eiffel tower gets boring... you can see it from everywhere. Handheld and pushed a stop.
raccou 10 years ago

little grocery store at my work, handheld with Fuji Pro 400H ,1.7
p_a_u_l_o PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by p_a_u_l_o (member) 10 years ago
Paris Gangster Look
Shop window ....handheld capture whilst strolling home.
StarBird 10 years ago
Great, fantastic, unbelievable night low light photography! I can't wait to see the first test roll of film in my CLA'd Yashica Electro 35 GSN!

raccou 10 years ago

Fuji color Pro 400H
jonathan ponce PRO 10 years ago
2 Close
2 Close

raccou 10 years ago
Nice pics, Jonathan, I like the harsh contrast (mainly in '2 Close'). Is that a consequence of pushing the film from 400 to 800? Haven't tried that yet, but I got a bulk load of neopan 400 coming my way, and willing to experiment ;)
bhop PRO 10 years ago
I finally have a couple decent ones.
Arista Premium 400, pushed to 1000, developed in Clayton F76 for 13 minutes.

Deep In The Bowels

Lance by Fairey
Dion Setyotomo 10 years ago
all handheld :)

Delta 3200@800

PanF 50 @ 50

PanF 50 @ 50

Gold 200 @ 200 -- ASA @ 160

Electro Rocks!
surfinsandy23 8 years ago
wow! I jut got a battery for mine, I can't wait to try it! fantastic shots!
cloudy images 8 years ago
yashicas are truely amazing cameras !
January man - great thread
Ojo de ruta 8 years ago
Love the electro = )

Buenos Aires at night.

Insomnio (1)
j.furino 8 years ago
Awesome shots guys. I've been inspired to bust out my Electro, which luckily has some 800 film in it, and take some low light shots. And this will be the first roll I've developed from this camera so we'll see what happens...
_1918 8 years ago
Grooved Ware People 8 years ago
My first night shots with my Gold Mechanica...

Brisbane at night
j.furino Posted 8 years ago. Edited by j.furino (member) 8 years ago

 by j.furino

I can't figure out how to post a larger image?
Imroy 8 years ago
Jarred: Click on "All sizes" above your photo, select the 'medium' size, copy and paste the provided HTML.

Here's one of mine:
Pack of cars
cadavre_exquis Posted 8 years ago. Edited by cadavre_exquis (member) 8 years ago

Redflexions in the Red Room I

I don't know if this last one qualifies as night shot, but I thought it was a pretty good example of what this camera can do once it is only lit by my desk lamp.
Handheld. Expired 125PX. Fire company street fair earlier this summer.
Everyone's a Winner by Sylvester McMonkey McBean

Tripod. LED lawn light.
Lawn Light by Sylvester McMonkey McBean
▲D▲M 8 years ago
pretty dark club pt. I
young smoker by ▲D▲M

pretty dark club pt. 2
jeans team, vienna by ▲D▲M

cheap "no brand" 200 film handheld
FramerKat PRO 8 years ago
Just got this from my newish GSN:

Yashica Electro 35 GSN night test shot by FramerKat

Approx 45 sec exposure @ f8 on Fuji Superia 200.
p g s Posted 8 years ago. Edited by p g s (member) 8 years ago
cj8281 Posted 8 years ago. Edited by cj8281 (member) 8 years ago
immigrant pass cropped by cj8281

Hand held, Fuji Superia 400 shot at 1000. The first one tried to over expose so I pushed the ASA all the way up. Cropped the bottom off the picture.
How do you post bigger pictures in posts? I tried the copy and paste the medium size and it is still the same size. I just don't get it.
itsmeboris PRO 8 years ago
Some of these night shots are amazing! Super sharp. I've tried to go out at night with my electro GT but the pics weren't as good. Problems is that shooting wide open the DoF is so shallow that i wonder how you guys did some of these street scenes. Also, my handheld shots have camera shake blur so they're very soft. How do you guys do it???
cj8281 8 years ago
Set the camera on something, or use a monopod. Some people are a bit more steady than others.
-fs- 8 years ago
yes, tripod and closing the aperture (large f-number) does wonders...
Scott Cog PRO 8 years ago
lane in the Shinsekei area of Osaka 大坂 by Scott Cog

Yashica Electro 35 GSN rangefinder, hand-held, 400ASA film
Osaka, Japan
MaudvMaarseveen 6 years ago
Cool to see!
I'm going to take some backstage pictures next week in a low light situation during concerts. So I'll be trying to keep te camera steady as possible or to use a shutter-chord to prevent the camera from moving.
Tripod won't really work when i want to make some spontaneous shots.

I'll be using Ilford Delta 400 b/w film. Really curious!
If anybody has got any tips, the're really welcome!
Harlemshuffle 6 years ago
I got one:
If it's dark and You hear camera is choosing long exposures, switch it to flash mode it will provide good 1/30 s exposure and You'll get the picture :)
2strokebuzz PRO 6 years ago

Remember that no matter how steady your camera, you're going to get motion blur if your subject is moving. 400 film is sometimes barely enough to prevent this in fairly well-lit indoor environments, so you might want to try a faster film, like 800.

Like Harlemshuffle says, you want to keep your shutter speed fast, so use the largest aperture (smallest number, f/1.7) you can. Even then, I'd think you'd be looking at long exposures, so his suggestion to lock the speed to 1/30" is a good one, your film may be well underexposed but you can rescue it in photoshop and get some nice grainy contrast!

Otherwise, watch for moments when the subject is keeping his/her head very still, you may get some nice effects where the head is crisp, but the hands/instrument are motion-blurrred. (look at her hand)
Hostile Takeover II by 2strokebuzz

that's on a Canon 5D at f1.8 at 1/50", iso 2000! So even with ultra sensitive film at a pretty fast shutter speed, you're going to get motion blur

Or pan with the subject as it moves (takes practice!) it'll keep the subject in focus, and blur everything else:
Dellsgiving Bumper Cars by 2strokebuzz

Or, just use a flash, I usually hate flash but I love the way a cheap, old, underpowered flash looks on black and white with the Yashica, kind of that old newspaper photo look:
Slaughterhouse 17 by 2strokebuzz

(Those last two are both on an Electro, ISO 400)
macprohawaii PRO 6 years ago
Here are 2 shots I recently took.

Like Like Drive-In Sign

Keeaumoku Street Night

I should use this camera more often.
gwladys.street 6 years ago
Somerset House, London Tri-X @800 ASA, handheld

Somerset House
Robert H. Bruce 6 years ago
Superb night shots! Look forward to do mine!
Blurmageddon Posted 11 months ago. Edited by Blurmageddon (member) 11 months ago
Thanks to this thread I finally had the courage to take the camera out at night.

Neon Friday Night


Sky Bar Tucson

Sherwyn and his buddy John
brianhell 11 months ago

manuelsolian 11 months ago
wow that looks great! the self portrait is so sharp!
Blurmageddon 11 months ago

Thanks! An awesome trick is to put a dot of black dry erase marker directly over the rangefinder patch. It increases contrast and makes it 10x easier to focus in any lighting; especially dim lighting. The only problem is it tends to wipe off rather easily.

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