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Kurt Preissler ADMIN August 30, 2017
WELCOME TO WORKBOATS AND TUGBOATS! Our photo pool allows one to share their maritime photos and videos of tugs, transporters, fishing trawlers, and other specialty "work" boats and ships. These can be of any age and from any world location. We encouraged you to invite others and to award photos in our fascinating pool.

Group Description

Our group is about the boats and ships that work. Workboats are those boats that perform task on their own. They fish, lay cables, haul, tug, pull, scrape, enforce, etc. They provide a utilitarian and constructive service. They are not military ships, they are not pleasure nor entertainment vessels. They are boats and ships that simply work!

Group Rules

Welcome to Workboats and Tugboats!

Our photo pool allows one to share their maritime experiences of tugboats, workboats, fishing trawlers, cargo ships, coastal delivery and other specialty use boats (NO PASSENGER BOATS, COMMUTING FERRY BOATS or TOUR BOATS with the exception of ferry boats that haul cargo, cars, trucks). These boats can be of any age and from any location in the world.

Types of boats accepted.

Any tugboat.

Coast guard, security, rescue and pilot boats. All these boats are acceptable as long as they are not frigates or other type of large warships. The coast guards from various countries have boats such as ice breakers, tugs, fire boats and other emergency support crafts. We are looking namely for these types of crafts.

All fishing vessels are accepted. We accept almost any form of a fishing boat; however, we do not accept pleasure craft that are fishing nor do we accept fish processing factory ships. All commercial fishing boats from every nation are accepted.

Freighters and cargo vessels. We will accept any barge that is being towed or being pushed by a tugboat or is self powered. The barge may have containers or any other form of cargo. We also accept any cargo vessel (These can be freighters, tankers, bulk cargo and container boats).

Other vessels, we accept that is engaged in some sort of work activity such as dredging, pollution control, research, exploration, communications, etc. The main aspect to our group- we are not encouraging boats that are used for pleasure.

We would like to encouraged you to inform others to join our fascinating pool of photos and we should all comment on each others photos.

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Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Members can post 30 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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